The Panasonic S5 Has Something No Other Full Frame Camera Has

The Panasonic isn’t all just about video: there are some great features for photographers too.

You’ve seen the teasers for the new Panasonic S5, and you’ve heard the speculation. Now, we can tell you more about this smaller than Micro Four Thirds, Full Frame camera. Designed for hybrid creators, the Panasonic S5 meets the needs and desires for new ways of self-expression. Yes, that was Panasonic marketing talk. What does it all mean? Join us after the break to get a rundown of the specs. You’ll also hear about some new L mount lenses, and will be teased about a new GH series camera

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Is Panasonic Really Going Full Frame and Starting from Scratch?

A Panasonic full frame mirrorless camera is reported to being announced imminently.

When Panasonic first released their revolutionary mirrorless Micro Four Thirds G1 camera almost exactly a decade ago, mirrorless technology was still in its infancy. It would be another five years before the world first saw the release of full frame mirrorless cameras in the Sony A7 and A7R. Sony has since reached their third generation with their full frame mirrorless cameras, and the sector very recently saw some new contenders enter the fray in the newly announced Z6 and Z7 from Nikon, and the EOS R from Canon. Numerous reports have been circulating of a Panasonic full frame camera being announced later this month, and if these reports are to be believed, that market is about to get even more crowded.
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