Unexpected, Practical and Green: Lowepro PhotoSport BP AW III Review

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Hiking camera bags are made for the outdoors. But, too often, those bags forget the outdoors when it comes to what they are actually made with. The Lowepro PhotoSport BP AW III is the company’s first bag in a new, sustainable green line. The bag aims to appease outdoor photographers by helping carry gear while also eliminating waste by offering a build that’s 75 percent recycled fabrics. But, can a backpack made from things people threw away protect camera gear and offer quick access?

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Tenba Introduces New Solstice Backpacks for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The new Tenba Solstice backpacks allow you to cram a ton of gear into them.

For its entry into the outdoor enthusiast market, Tenba has announced the release of its new Solstice Backpacks. Designed for adventurous photographers, filmmakers, and creatives who are always on the go, the Solstice promises to provide secure gear access and all-day carrying comfort. Tenba’s new collection of camera backpacks come in 12L, 20L, and 24L sizes, and have a number of features that outdoor photographers and filmmakers find important when they’re on the road. The Solstice backpacks were designed to have comfort, secure access, adjustment provisions, protective interior, ample space for gear and laptops, durability, and weather resistance.

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Mindshift Gear’s New Backpacks Are For Outdoor Photographers

Having the right camera bag to suit specific needs and purpose can make a world of difference. For those photographers that love to explore the great outdoors, Mindshift Gear just launched the Trailscape and Sidepath backpacks.

The Trailscape has interior dimensions of 9.4” W x 17.3” H x 4.8” D–which the company claims is designed to fit plenty of gear while remaining slim. The main features of Trailscape backpack include spacious interior for photo essentials, slots for tablets and laptops as well as compartments for extra gear such as a light jacket and lunch. The main interior fits a complete camera system including 70-200mm f2.8 lens attached with hood in the shooting position. Additionally, the shoulder harness is padded and there is the removable webbing waist-belt which helps stabilize the bag in use.  Continue reading…