Photographers Will Love Using the OneMo Backpack on Their Next Hike

PGYTECH’s OneMo Backpack is a versatile option for adventurous photographers in need of a bag that will keep up with them all day long.

As photographers, we tend to amass a ton of camera gear over time. While most of us would love to bring all of our equipment with us when traveling, the truth is we rarely need everything in our arsenal. Obviously, it’s a challenge when deciding what gear to bring and what to leave home. The decision becomes harder if you happen to be going on a day-long hike. Not only do you have to decide what to pack, but you’ve got to carry all of it on your back. Fortunately, the OneMo Backpack 25L from PGYTECH is a comfortable, modular, and expandable solution perfect for adventurous photographers preparing for such a trip. While it can’t tell you what you will need for your hike, the OneMo Backpack can undoubtedly help you carry it.

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The Most Modular Camera Bag Yet? The OneMo Backpack 25L Review

The OneMo Backpack 25L is designed for photographers in need of a modular and expandable camera backpack that can store a ton of photography gear.

When it comes to camera backpacks, there is no shortage of options on the market. The OneMo Backpack 25L from PGYTECH, a relatively new Chinese photography accessory maker, is the latest to enter this crowded marketplace. It first began as a Kickstarter campaign and has since been fully funded. The OneMo Camera Backpack was designed with modularity and expandability in mind. On paper, the OneMo Backpack offers a lot of the features modern photographers require in a camera backpack: weather resistance, customizability, the ability to hold tons of camera gear, etc. The proof is in the pudding, and we’ve been testing the OneMo Backpack to see if it lives up to PGYTECH’s claims.

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