This Awesome Feature on Olympus Cameras Needs More Praise

If you’re a fan of landscape photography, then you’re probably aware of the feature on Olympus cameras called Live ND. Since it was introduced years ago, no other camera manufacturer has implemented it into their cameras. Granted, there has also been a worldwide pandemic that’s restricted productivity and innovation. But still, Olympus cameras, and therefore OM System cameras, are very capable. For a while, they were the only ones with vehicle AI autofocus tracking. But in truth, Live ND is one of the coolest things they’ve made.

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You Need to Try This. OM System OM1 Review

I think the general consensus among the photo community was that Micro Four Thirds was probably done for when OM Digital Solutions (OMDS) split from Olympus. But in all honesty, it gave me more hope. Often I’ve spoken with Olympus reps who felt like they were held back from their true potential. With those restraints removed, the new OM System OM1 shows how the company is starting to blossom again. Emblazoned with the old Olympus logo on the front, it’s bound to cause confusion. But once you work with it and learn how it works, it’s going to be the most fun you’ve had with a camera in years.

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Why It’s Imperative That Olympus Makes Better Telephoto Lenses

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The idea of an Olympus 200mm f1.8 PRO lens shouldn’t seem all that odd. I think it would be brilliant. A lens like this would effectively be a 400mm f3.6 with the light-gathering abilities of an f1.8. Then slap it on a 2x teleconverter and it will effectively become an 800mm f7.1 lens. Just think about how amazing that would be for wildlife and birding photography. Better yet, it would be lightweight and affordable compared to many other lens options. How could someone complain about a lens like this? This is where I feel Olympus needs to improve: they need more telephoto lenses.

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