The New Year’s Goals of 9 Famous Photographers


Image by Bill Wadman. Used with permission

Every photographer has to keep striving to move forward. The only way to do this is to set goals for yourself and find specific ways to accomplish them. It’s not only how a photographer can progress and become better, but it’s also core to the foundation of any business. So when you are both a creative and a business person who markets their creative abilities, how do you move forward in two different ways?

We spoke to many different photographers about how they plan on improving themselves this year.

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Tips For Photographing a Memorable New Year's Eve

Times Square HDR 12/28/08

New Year’s is coming up and we’re all bound to be partying the day before. That means you’re sure to have your camera with you. Even if you’re not known as the person with the camera in your social circle, you can take images that later on people will look at and really show emotion over. Read more after the jump.

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