In New Jersey, Wedding Photographer Mike Zawadzki Creates Magic

All images by Mike Zawadzki. Used with permission. Please follow him on Instagram.

“Vulnerability comes into play big time with clients,” explains photographer Mike Zawadzki. “I mean who is used to being in front of the camera all of the time, unless you’re a TV/movie star?” A part of Mike’s secret is something that I think is inherently a part of growing up in the Northeast. He says that he strives to build strong relationships with his couples. Traditionally not something that you do, but it surely does work when you consider that we’re all human. Mike has a fascinating story and I’ve personally adored watching him change over the years. Mike is one of the many people who I saw quit alcohol in pursuit of improving their own life. I did it for a year and it really changed me. And to see Mike in a spot where he’s a shining star brings me joy. Most of all, I hope that this interview with Mike puts a smile on your face.

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The California Freelancer Bill (AB 5) Could Affect New York Photographers

The new AB 5 freelancer bill would see thousands of self-employed Americans lose a significant portion (or all) of their income.

As if we don’t have enough on our plates already, the powers that be (in California) have decided that they want to take even more control of residents’ lives there because…eff you and your income, that’s why. The new freelancer bill (known as AB 5) is similar to a proposed law in New York and New Jersey which states that, after a certain amount of freelance jobs, the freelancer has to be made an employee of the company who pays them for their work. As you can imagine, this makes companies scared to contract freelancers, and in turn, means freelancers get shafted even more. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Obscura Darkroom is Gearing Up to Promote Film Photography in New Jersey

A project that aims to put up the Obscura Darkroom is certainly something New Jersey film photographers should support. 

If you’re a film photographer based in New Jersey, we have some great news for you. A project called Obscura Darkroom, currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, is gearing up to be the only public film darkroom in the state. Setting up in Newark, it will be offering classes for teens and adults, will have open darkroom hours, offer memberships, and serve as a gallery focused solely on film photography.

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