Filter Focused Editor CameraBag Photo Version 3 Mac and PC

Nevercenter, makers of CameraBag Photo, announced the release of version 3 of their award-winning desktop CameraBag software. The latest edition includes a slew of new features, brand new filters, an updated interface, and more. Nevercenter is focusing on delivering what they believe to be speedy workflow capabilities by utilizing a filter-focused photo editing platform for Mac and PC.

The latest version of CameraBag Photo has features such as HSV, luminance and hue-based masking, 4-way color wheels, multi-document tabs with side-by-side vieiwing, live pixel inspector, and more. There’s also new color management, speed improvements, and dozens of new filters for the Mac version of the software. Being a “filter-focused” program means CameraBag Photo lets you create your own custom presets.

CameraBag Photo is available now at or on the Mac App Store. The normal retail price is $49, but it is being offered for a special limited-time launch sale price of $35 (30% off). Nevercenter also offers a free trial version of the software for those wanting to give it a test run. Give it a look!

Review: CameraBag 2 Image Editing Software

Though there is still quite a bit of hype going around about Adobe Lightroom 4, it’s nice to know that there are other options available tailored to the styles of different editors. We previously went hands on with Nevercenter’s CameraBag 2 while it was in beta and have been testing the now fully released version of the software for quite a while and over many different shooting sessions.

In a nutshell, the software is perhaps what every enthusiast photographer that doesn’t want to spend a ton of time in the editing stage may want to get their hands on.

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CameraBag 2 Comes Out of Beta; Essentially Lightroom with More Presets

Not long ago, we did a quick hands on review of the beta version of CameraBag 2. Today the company has announced that they are releasing the entire version. CameraBag 2 is a piece of software for Mac and PC that lets the user apply loads and loads of those amazing Instagram-like filters to their images (both RAW and JPEGs.) Additionally, it offers a totally different interface that Lightroom 3 and 4 do while still allowing the user to do quite a bit of the manipulations that those programs offer. It does all this while still remaining non-destructive in the editing process.

For the person that doesn’t want to take the plunge into Lightroom yet, you can surely consider CameraBag 2. However, don’t consider it a replacement for Lightroom or Photoshop.

CameraBag 2 is available now for Mac and PC. A single cross-platform license is available at for $29 (launch sale price: $24), and a Mac-only version is available via the Mac App Store for $24 (launch sale price: $19). A free, fully-functional 30-day demo is included in the download from, where more info, tutorials, and videos can also be found.

I’ve been using the final release for around a week now and will have a full review coming soon.