The Netted Pigeon: On Introversion and Portraiture


All images by Michael Hernandez. Used with permission.

“On my 15th birthday, my mother gave me her Minolta X-370 that she purchased in 1982. She told me she bought it when I was born, but stopped using it around ’88.” says photographer Michael Hernandez about how he got into photography. Combine this with the fact that Mike grew up in a dysfunctional family, and you’ve got a formula for a person to find any reason not to be home.

Mike is now 33, and inherited his grandfather’s old Polaroid cameras, 8mm cameras, and a Canon AE-1. Throw his daughter into the picture and you’ve got yet another reason for Mike to want to shoot.

Mike is an interesting photographer: he has solid commercial work, and despite it being top notch he just can’t seem to play the Instagram game too well–but he kills it on EyeEm.

And for Mike, portraiture these days is something highly personal.

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