Review: Induro 75mm Hi-Hat & Kupo Vision Arm

Induro Hi Hat Kitted out.

The Induro Hi-Hat is a new tripod for photographers and videographers alike, capable of supporting a great deal of weight and getting real low to the ground. I have been looking for a tripod such as this that would enable me to get extremely low angle shots without always having to lay on the ground to get them. Induro offered to send me the new LFB75 Hi-Hat and Kupo Vision Arm to see what I thought about it. Continue on past the break for my review.


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Price Increase Coming on Profoto Powerpacks?


MAC-on-Campus (a company I used to work for) stated today on their Facebook page that a price increase may be coming soon on Profoto Powerpacks. They’re already quite costly, but they’re worth every single penny. Now this isn’t a product pitch for MAC Group at all, but here are some of the powerpacks the company has available. You can purchase them via the links below. Each purchase helps keep our site alive because we get a small piece of the pie from either Amazon or B&H Photo. Hit the jump for the roundup.

While you’re at it, also be sure to check out our review of the Profoto Acute 2r and the D1 Air Studio Kit.


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Field Review: Shooting at a Wedding With a Mamiya 7 II and Slow Film

I love film. The Yashica Electro GSN captured my heart a while back and so did the Leica M7. Thankfully, I was recently loaned a Mamiya 7 II medium format film rangefinder with an 80mm f4 lens. Coincidentally, Kodak also was kind enough to hand me rolls of Tri-X 400 and Ektar 100 recently. Even better: a friend of mine recently got hitched. So how does the Mamiya 7 II perform while shooting handheld in extremely dim situations and with slow film?
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