This Limited Edition Leica Set Was Made for the 100th Anniversary of China’s Xinhai Revolution

This set of limited edition Leica cameras may be among the most unique — and historically inclined — additions to your Leica collection.

Attention Leica fans and collectors! If you’re still looking for the next gorgeous Leica to adorn your shelves, here’s your chance to grab not one, not two, but four limited edition models. Our latest ebay find is a set of these rare Leica cameras made in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution in China. You’ll most likely find this set interesting if you’re into collecting anniversary edition Leica cameras.

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Opinion: What I’d Love to See in a Full Frame Ricoh GR Camera Body

If a full frame Ricoh GR camera body ever makes its way into the world, this is what I’d want from it.

There is a hope amongst many photographers out there: that one day a full frame Ricoh GR camera body might actually make it out into the world. It’s the dream of many a photographer, especially those in the street photography community. But otherwise, it would also just be nice for those who travel and want a compact camera with solid image quality to tote around. This lust comes partially from just how good their film point and shoot cameras still are even today. They still sell for a lot of money online and even though their last GR II was a solid camera, it’s time to upgrade to something even better.

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Leica and Zeiss Once Collaborated to Make the Rare M4 MDa

Here’s yet another rare Leica camera screaming to call a lucky collector’s camera shelf its new home!

Ready to score another amazing vintage beauty? Our latest ebay find may just be the stuff you’re looking for. It’s a rare Leica M4 version that was born from the partnership of Leica and Zeiss once upon a time. If you were interested in the rare military-issued M4-M from early this year, you’ll surely find this yet another fascinating piece. But, as with any other Leica, this beauty is definitely worth a fortune!

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Review: 7Artisans 35mm f2 (Leica M Mount, Used on Sony FE)

The 7Artisans 35mm f2 lens isn’t as sharp and doesn’t have better bokeh than a Leica, but it’s still very pleasing

Let me get this right out of the way, the 7Artisans 35mm f2 lens isn’t as good as Leica’s. Leica’s outperforms in sharpness, detail, and bokeh in pretty much every way and at every aperture. But the 7Artisans 35mm f2 isn’t at all bad; and it can still render very gorgeous images. Being a Chinese lens, there are surely folks out there who may doubt how capable it is. But I can assure you that unless you had other lenses side by side or were very familiar with other optics, you wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference between the 7Artisans 35mm f2 and other offerings when it comes to image quality. But when it comes to the ergonomics, there are surely differences.

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Reports Indicate a New FF Leica SL Mirrorless Is Coming, What Should It Be?

Leica is apparently collaborating with Panasonic to bring out a new full frame Leica SL camera

Leica has been making mirrorless cameras for a long time, thanks to the very nature of their classic rangefinder designs. They have also been dabbling in digital mirrorless cameras over the years, with varied success. Now, reports over on Mirrorless Rumors are indicating that thanks to their continued collaboration with Panasonic, Leica is gearing up to launch two new cameras; a new full frame Leica SL mirrorless camera and a new C-LUX compact camera. Continue reading…

The Essential Budget Lenses For Every Micro Four Thirds Photographer

What are the basics? The essential lenses that every Micro Four Thirds Photographer could use to create their art? 

Photography is a wonderful thing; pick up any camera and any lens and with that you can capture the world, for just a moment, to be preserved as long as the medium which holds it survives. It is a timeless, though under appreciated, a gift to the future. But if you are new to photography, or maybe just new to having a dedicated camera (upgraded from your smartphone, for example), you may be wondering what lenses you need for your new Panasonic or Olympus camera.

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Only $7,000 Can Get You This Leica Apo Telyt-R f2.8 400mm Focus Module

This Leica Apo Telyt-R f2.8 400mm Focus Module is by all means costly but still a steal for a lens of its kind

Heads up Leica fans, we’ve got another treat for you! If you’ve ever dreamed of grabbing one of those APO Telyt lenses for your Leica R SLR cameras, you’re in luck. Our latest ebay find is a Leica Apo Telyt-R f2.8 400mm Focus Module, a manual focus telephoto lens that, as its name suggests, comes in a modular system that is both unusual and really cool. Anything that is both really cool and a Leica is bound to come with a hefty price tag; for this one, it’s $7,000.

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This Rare Leica Telyt 400mm f6.8 Prototype Was for Handheld “Snapshots”

If you have a Leicaflex or a Leica R camera, this rare and extraordinary 400mm lens could be of interest to you.

Leica may be best known for its M Series rangefinder cameras, but most fans and vintage camera collectors would know that the company also made SLR cameras. If you happen to have a Leica R series or Leicaflex camera, our latest ebay find could be of interest to you: a “single piece” Leica Telyt 400mm f6.8 prototype.

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This Leica Stereo Lens Prototype is Unlike Any You’ve Seen Before

You’ll definitely turn heads with your Leica if you pair it with this curious-looking stereo lens prototype

Prototypes of camera bodies and lenses are among the curiosities and sometimes oddities that catch the eye of collectors, but they often come with a hefty price tag. Make it a rare Leica and you’re guaranteed to make the price double. Today’s vintage find on ebay is one such perfect example — an intriguing and rare Leitz Leica M 30cm Stereo Lens Prototype. It’s all yours if you have a little over $46,000 to spare.

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Digital Rot: On the Long Term Value of Digital Photography and Modern Photography Gear

In many cases, camera gear just doesn’t hold its value like it used to

One of the reasons why I still hold onto my Canon 5D Mk II is because it’s pretty much worthless for me to sell it at this point. I’ve done the same thing for my Sony a7 and Fujifilm X Pro 1–except that those are cameras I use on a fairly regular basis. But for photographers who want to switch from one system to another, there are more problems than you’d think. In many cases it has determined why someone purchases one piece of equipment over and another, and yet what happens is that cameras, and not necessarily the accessories around them, get the most digital rot.

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Op Ed: Working with a 28mm Lens as a 35mm Fanatic

I’ve always loved the 35mm lens, but the 28mm looks like a fine alternative

It was the Sony 28mm f2 FE lens that first seriously introduced me to 28mm lenses, but it was the Nikon 28mm f1.4 that made me really fall in love and the Leica 28mm f1.4 that solidified that even further. As a 35mm lens user, it was always nice to be able to look to a scene, put the camera to my face, and shoot a scene that I saw exactly the way I saw it. But when moving around and walking, I’ve learned how to think in 28mm. You know what I’m talking about — you see a scene and you have a vision and somehow or another you know exactly what you’ll be getting from it with the lens and equipment you have. I’ve learned how to use it for anything from landscapes, street photography and even wider portraits. Though I’m still a 35mm man at heart, I can easily switch off when needed.

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Take a Peek into a Leica Camera’s Intricate Inner Workings

Ever wondered what’s inside a precious Leica camera? Thankfully, you don’t have to take apart one to find out.

In an era where cameras are sized up based on high-tech parameters like sensor size, pixel count, and auto focus capabilities, is there still room for appreciation of good old vintage cameras? Actually, among the things that still make vintage cameras fascinating today are their mechanical inner workings. The mechanical Leica cameras are especially revered both by Leica lovers, camera historians, and vintage camera fans. If you’ve ever wondered about what’s inside these timeless engineering masterpieces, prepare to find out and be impressed.

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American Dream: Rydell Tomas Jr’s Photographs Strangers on Film

Rydell Tomas Jr originally wanted to be a filmmaker

Hi, my name is Rydell Tomas Jr and I’m an upcoming freelance photographer from the Southside of Atlanta, Ga. I’ve been making photos for two years and I’ve been putting together conceptual projects since July of 2017. I started photographing through my love of filmmaking, and after realizing I truly enjoyed making photos, I dropped filmmaking altogether. I love people, so the majority of my work focuses on strangers, friends and family. I currently shoot with a 1957 Leica M3 w/ 50mm Serenar and 1986 Yashica Fx-3 Super 2000 w/ 50mm Yashinon. 35mm film is my favorite and i try to use as many film stocks as possible. My favorites are Kodak Gold 200 and Kodak Tri-X 400.

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Lens Review: Leica 28mm f1.4 Summilux (M Mount)

I didn’t think I’d fall in love with the Leica 28mm f1.4 Summilux like I did

The Leica 28mm f1.4 Summilux was offered to me to test after requesting it a long time ago. I’d probably never buy it brand new as I prefer my lenses and cameras to have what we Americans love to call “Patina” to them, and even as it is I’m pretty well set on the M mount lenses I currently own. The Leica 28mm f1.4 Summilux is quite possibly the ultimate photojournalist’s lens. It has a fast aperture, a solid build quality, and is surprisingly sharp at every single aperture. But even that isn’t the secret sauce to what makes this lens so incredibly special.

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Daniel Fjäll: “Photography Isn’t Instagram…”

All images by Daniel Fjäll. Used with permission.

“Photography isn’t Instagram,” says Photographer Daniel Fjäll. “I think it’s important people try something new and break away from the trends. Think for themselves. That’s when the good stuff comes to you. I hope some of my pictures will spark someone’s inspiration. Also that you can still do photography even if you don’t travel the world if you work with what you got.”

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Reports State Panasonic’s New Full Frame Mirrorless Camera is a Leica

Panasonic seems to enjoy making cameras for Leica on the side, since they sell better with the Leica branding anyway

According to a recent 4/3 Rumors post, Leica is on its way to announcing a new full frame mirrorless camera, said to be a new Leica SL. If you’ve been following some of Leica’s releases, you most likely won’t be surprised to find out that it will be made of Panasonic guts. Japan-based digital photography rumors website Nokishita confirms this with a list of unpublished registrations. It includes a camera by Leica, which will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and the same parts from Panasonic’s Lumix TX2 and Lumix GX9 (called GX7 Mark III in Japan).

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This $10,000 Leica M6 is Most Likely Something You Haven’t Seen Before

The most hardcore Leica collectors would be curious to know what makes this Leica M6 special.

Now that we’ve already settled why we’re all suckers for the Leica M6, it’s time for us to share our latest Leica find from the vintage wonderlands of ebay. Today, the spotlight is on an intriguing and very rare Leica M6 simply dubbed “Leica Post M6”, one of which is listed for a dollar shy of $10,000.

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Here’s the Real Reason Why We’re All Suckers for the Leica M6

The guys running Digital Darkroom have figured out why we’re all sold on the famed Leica M6

The Leica M6 is without a doubt a favorite of many Leica lovers, from ardent film photographers, to collectors looking for the rarest, most expensive special editions like the platinum-plated 150 Jahre Optik edition and ultra-rare M6A/M7 prototype. But why exactly are there so many suckers for the Leica M6? In the latest episode of the Digital Darkroom, Ian Wong and Derrick Wong try to figure out what makes this Leica model a cult classic.

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Can We Guess Which is Better? Leica M10 vs Leica M6

Negative Feedback weighs in on the street and portrait experience with the Leica M10 vs the M6

Ever been curious if it’s worth “upgrading” from a Leica M6 to an M10? In a recent trip to New York City, George Muncey of Negative Feedback swapped his M6 with New Yorker Joe Greer‘s M10 for a day to see how the experience and the results would stack up.

For their photo walk around New York City, George shot with the Leica M10 and a 28mm lens, while Joe shot with the Leica M6 and a 40mm lens (loaded with Kodak Portra 400). A really big difference there is the focal lengths aside from going digital after some years, but George also wanted to see if the wide angle experience is something he’d enjoy. For this test, they decided to shoot street snaps first in Chinatown and take advantage of its busy scenes.

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Film Emulsion Review: CineStill bwXX Black and White Film (35mm)

CineStill bwXX film is gorgeous in so many ways

I’ve forever been on the hunt for a black and white film I’m truly, madly in love with. While the Ilford Delta lineup of film is more my taste, CineStill bwXX comes really close! I can’t find any major fault with CineStill bwXX: it’s more or less a film designed for cinema and repackaged for 35mm still film camera consumption. Photographers who want the look of classic old time cinema may really enjoy what CineStill bwXX offers. Is it sharp? It can be. Is it grainy? Oh yeah. Does it have those deeply inky blacks I enjoy? Heck yes. In fact, photographers who like to max the contrast of their images after a black and white conversion will really enjoy CineStill bwXX. The film also pushes decently well and most of all, I feel like it has a distinct look vs Kodak T-Max, Tri-x, and much of what Ilford offers. Oh yeah, and CineStill recommends rating it between ISO 200-400: but I’ve pushed it to 800 with decent results too.

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