Chris Gampat on Three Potential New Tamron Lenses for Fujifilm

On this week’s episode of The Phoblographer’s Inside the Photographer’s Mind, I’m joined by our EIC, Chris Gampat. We have a lot coming up in this episode as we tackle Fujifilm speculations, gear from Leica and Canon, and everything else in between. We’ll also be talking about The Phoblographer’s app! So stay tuned and read on to find out exactly what’s in store.

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The Essential Guide to the Leica SL Lenses

For well over a decade, we’ve worked diligently to review as many lenses as we possibly can. We believe that lenses are the lifeblood of a camera system. The Leica L mount camera system is one of the oldest mirrorless full-frame systems, and Leica SL lenses have grown since it started. In our typical fashion, we dove into our Reviews Index to find all our reviews of all Leica SL lenses, and we’re putting them all in this roundup for you. Interested in a Leica SL2 or Leica SL2-S? Well, here are the lenses you might be interested in.

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Heavy, But Beautiful! Leica 90-280mm F2.8-4 SL Review

This is a lens that has had me scratching my head. Leica is hitting the ball out of the park in so many ways with this lens, but they’re also making something a bit odd. The Leica 90-280mm f2.8-f4 SL is a heavy lens with great optics and beautiful image quality. And you also just can’t deny how great the build quality is. Plus, there’s a very useful focal range attached with a pretty wide aperture. Though at the same time, you’ll wonder who exactly would use a lens like this.

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