The Leica M Lens Guide: How to Pick the Right One for You

We’ve got some great news; we’ve reviewed every single Leica M-Mount lens currently offered! We’re incredibly excited to have done this. Along the way, we’ve learned so much about Leica optics and even about ourselves as photographers. Leica M lenses help you move at two speeds: super fast or super slow. (Sometimes, it’s a great idea to slow down. You potentially make better photos.) Without further adieu, we’re letting you dive into our Leica M Lens Guide. It’s complete with tips, naming conventions, tech specs, and blips from our full reviews. Plus, each lens featured here has a sample image from our reviews. All our reviews are done independently and according to our journalistic ethics — which adhere closely to what traditional magazines and newspapers have done. We hope this helps you find the right lens.

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The Passionate Street Photographer: How to Zone Focus a Lens

The pandemic gave way to loads of new passionate photographers, and we’re here to share how to document the world’s reopening.

Surely, modern autofocus is fantastic. But there’s nothing like the pride of getting a shot because you zone-focused the lens beforehand. Have you ever shot a photo you were happy with just the way it was? It probably didn’t need any post-production. It was an authentic moment that you captured. And most importantly, you did it, not the camera or the lens. You can achieve these Jedi-like powers with zone focusing. 

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