A Powerful LED Option! Stella Pro Clx10 Review

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Over the years, LED lighting has offered photographers a cost-effective and creative option to up their lighting game. If you were to search for a portable LED, the options are very slim. Light & Motion is one of the only brands to bridge that gap. Their Stella Pro Clx10 is a powerfully compact and versatile offering that will entice a lot of photographers. It features an integrated battery, bi-color LED options and packs a lot of power for its fun size. The question is, can it truly replace the need for strobes as advertised?

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Rod Evans Spins Lights Around People Under Stellar Skies

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“I am actually a little bit OCD when it comes to getting things right”, says Australian photographer Rod Evans about his attention to detail in photography. Enraptured by the night sky after stopping by the roadside during a drive in 2015, he now blends light painting with scenic night sky locations across the country. Rod uses some familiar and some outright unusual tools for creating his photographs. All of which we’re going to take a look at in this in-depth interview.

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Prakash Pancholi Shows us how to Literally Paint With Light

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“The fun starts when you combine both the ambient exposure and your drawing in the image”, says Prakash Pancholi, who resides in Dubai. An airline fleet superintendent by profession, Prakash spends his spare time crafting light painting tools in his home to use in his elaborately planned, slow shutter images. What started as a hobby kicked off by accidental light exposure in one of his images turned into a passion that evolved into a portfolio.

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Lume Cube AIR is a New Versatile and Portable Lighting for Content Creators

The new and improved Lume Cube AIR promises to be an all-in-one, portable, and on-the-go light for all your shooting needs.

Content creators looking for versatile lighting that they can take anywhere may want to check out the all-new Lume Cube AIR. This improved version of the original Lume Cube promises to be a reliable, all-in-one light in the smallest and lightest package for shooting better photos and videos with either a smartphone or professional DSLR camera. If you’re doing a lot of projects on the go, this may be another useful and affordable tool for your lighting needs.

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Life Lite Is A Wireless LED Light You Can Control From Your Smartphone

In photography, lighting is crucial to either make or break the shot. Life Lite is a new Kickstarter Project that aims to create a portable sized LED light that can be wirelessly controlled by a smartphone via a Bluetooth enabled App.

Based on the specifications, Life Lite measures only 1.5 inch x 1 inch small and weighing 50g, while packing LED emitting 350 lux (at 1m distance). The light temperature of the LED light is daylight balanced at 5600K. The brightness of the LED light can be adjusted in 10 steps incremental control and is suitable for both still photo shooting and video recording. A single charge of the built in battery is claimed to last about 30 minutes of 100% LED brightness continuous usage. Life Lite comes with the standard tripod mount (1/4″-20) and also has encased earth magnet.  Continue reading…

Switronix’s New TorchLED Bolt 220 Light Promises 10% More Brightness


Recently, Switronix announced a brand new TorchLED light. The new Bolt 220 is the successor to the latest version of the TorchLED that we found (and continue to still do so) to be quite good as an on-camera fill light. The new 220 has a knob for daylight, tungsten, and brightness. In previous versions, there were two knobs that controlled both daylight/brightness and tungsten/brightness. The company is claiming that the new product is 10% lighter and 40% more power efficient than the previous model.

The Bolt 220 runs on Sony L style batteries, has a 1/4 20 swivel shoe, and will set you back for $379. That’s a tad pricey, but we will have the final word in our upcoming full review.

Nikon Introduces P7800 Compact with EVF, and LD-1000 LED Light

Nikon Coolpix P7800

As an update to its P7700 enthusiast’s compact, Nikon introduces the P7800, which adds an electronic viewfinder into the mix. The P7800 sports the same bright 28-200mm f2-4 superzoom lens, but thanks to the added EVF has to do without the third control dial on the top. The display measures 3″ and sports an RGBW pixel matrix for improved visibility under bright lighting conditions. Both the articulated rear display an the EVF sport 921k dots. The sensor also apparently remains the same 1/1.7″ BSI-CMOS with a pixel count of 12.2 million. In addition to the P7800, Nikon also introduces an accessory LED light that can be used with all Nikon compacts that sport a tripod mount. Details after the break.

Via Nikon Rumors

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Fiilex Announces Three LED Lights From Pocket-Sized to Full-Fledged Studio Light

At CineGear Expo, in Los Angeles California, Fiilex unveiled three new LED lights for videography. The P100 is a versatile on-camera light equipped with a 12 Watt Dense Matrix LED and a focusing lens which can be rotated to modify the beam angle. The P180 is a professional 40W ENG light that is color tunable from 3000-5600 K. Finally, the Q500 is a full-fledged, intensity-controllable, studio light with 160W power consumption, extended range color tuning (2800K to 6500K) and hue adjustment.

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Sample Photos: Peter Hurley’s Pre-Alpha LED Studio Light

At Photo Plus 2012, the crew over at F-Stoppers and famous headshot photographer Peter Hurley threw a large party. At one point, Peter told me about a prototype constant LED light that he’s working on to get the results that he wants. Peter’s story sounded like those of many photographers and creatives that were sick of not getting what they want; and so pursued their own route (story of my life, and the creation of this site.) The light I saw is a Pre-Alpha configuration and may have a dimming switch. But this single light was able to illuminate an entire room in Hurley’s studio. And holy crap was it beautiful.

Here are some sample images shot with the light illuminating subjects like myself, photographer Zack Arias, Eye-Fi creator Ziv Gillat, and more. All images were shot with the Fujifilm X Pro 1 in aperture priority, auto white balance, and with no editing except for sharpening in post. If I were to do professional work with this light, I obviously would have also done manual white balancing and other tweaks in post-production.

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