Photography Tips: Stuff I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Photographer

For his latest photography tips, J.T. of Run N Gun talks about the ten things he wishes he knew before becoming a photographer.

Being a photographer comes with its own set of challenges and misconceptions, especially when it relates to the topics of gear, making money, and creativity. As you delve further into the craft, you’ll gain your own perspectives and realizations about these things, and perhaps even make your own list of things you wish you knew before diving into photography — just like J.T. of the Run N Gun YouTube Channel has done with some of his latest videos.

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Tyler Shields on Learning Photography from a YouTuber vs. a Photographer

YouTube holds a wealth of information for budding photographers, but it’s also worth being more critical of what you’re learning to improve your craft.

The Internet, especially YouTube, has been a both a blessing and a curse for those who want to acquire new skills or get better of what they do. With the sheer volume of tutorials we can access with just a few clicks, it’s possible to learn everything there is to know about photography. However, the esteemed Los Angeles-based photographer and filmmaker Tyler Shields cautions us about the information we’re taking in, and who creates it. In a short video, he explains why we need to be able to differentiate between a YouTuber and a Photographer, and how it can make the learning experience more meaningful.

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Stephen Shore says Young Photographers Should Start with Film

Stephen Shore thinks film has lessons to teach today’s photographers.

Want to become a more decisive photographer? Color photography pioneer Stephen Shore says you should start by shooting with film and developing a darkroom habit.

Shore may seem like the quintessential image of a contemporary photographer who established his craft in the 1970s, and has maintained a stubborn devotion for analogue methods up to the present, but you’ll be surprised to know he has embraced iPhone-ography in the last few years of his six decades-long career, posting his snaps on Instagram like the young ones do.

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