Adobe’s New Photoshop CC Takes Everything to the Cloud


Today at the MAX 2013 conference, Adobe is announcing not only the new Creative Cloud Suite in a move away from the CS naming convention, but they’re also announcing loads of new features in Photoshop. We were able to take a sneak peak at this earlier on last week, and the new product seems like quite the powerhouse. First off, they’re incorporating nearly all of the major features introduced into Adobe Lightroom 5 Beta earlier this year: which means that Upright, Radial filters, and of course the Healing and Clone brush stays there. But they’re also including other newer features such as Intelligent Upsampling–which will not make images have extremely jagged and pixelated looks anymore. Users will also like the new Smart Sharpening feature which will create significantly less image noise when sharpening an image.

As reported earlier on as well, Camera Shake Reduction is also incorporated. Other features of interest include better integration with Behance, and Camera RAW adjustments being able to be added as layers.

The full rundown and screenshots are after the jump.

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