(NSFW) Beauty in Simplicity: an Ode to Minimal Black and White Nudes

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Instagram: @lachlanjames_

Website; lachlanwalkercreative.tumblr.com

My name is Lachlan Walker, I’m a 23 year old photographer from Melbourne, Australia. Photography is something relatively new for me.

Up until 2 and a half years ago I’d never touched a camera in my life. It was only when I met my girlfriend, who had always had a passion for photography, that I first picked up a camera. It was an old Nikon D3000, not much good on a technical level, but it was enough to spark my interest. A few months later I purchased my first camera of my own, a Canon AE-1 Program.

This was the camera that made me fall in love with photography in a big way.

This was also the camera that gave me such an appreciation of black and white photography.

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