Nikon Repair Center Taiwan Can Make Your Nikon Lens Look Like Canon L Glass

Pictures via Nikon Repair Center blog

Pictures via Nikon Repair Center blog

If there’s one major advantage that Canon users have over Nikon users, it’s that they can buy that gorgeous looking white L glass. Nikon has nothing like that. In you face, Nikon! But here’s the good news for all Nikon fanboys: you can actually have your Nikon lenses in white, too! Nikon’s repair center in Taiwan is apparently capable of camouflaging your lens to look like Canon L glass. Whether it’s just because you envy Canon users, because you secretly wish you had opted for the D800 instead of the 5D Mk III in our contest, or because you’re attending a meeting of the anonymous Canonholics–those guys over in Taiwan will paint your lens white for the inconsiderable fee of US-$ 320. So why wait? You can be just as awesome as a Canonista!

Via Nikon Rumors

Legendary Canon 50mm F1.0 L on Sale at B&H Photo Video

Ever heard of the rare Canon 50mm F1.0 L lens and just how amazingly legendary it was? If you haven’t you should probably do some googling on it. This lens is now on sale at B&H Photo Video. You should probably act soon if you want to grab it. It is faster than Canon’s current 50mm F1.2 L lens but not as sharp. Still, it will make a great lens for any professional. Check out the deal by clicking the link above.

It’s used, but B&H is saying that it is in near top condition.

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