Ad Agency Creates Hilarious Image Campaign of a Man Doing Interesting Things with Kraft Dressing


Images courtesy of Bernstein and Andriulli and Douglas Friedman.

Who says that sex doesn’t sell? Heck yes it does. And in a recent ad campaign, ad agency Bernstein and Audriulli got an organization called One Million Moms very…um…excited, sort of. The ad campaign was for Kraft dressing–which as many folks know is carried all across supermarkets in the US. And who usually does lots of the grocery shopping? Well, moms do. And so to get a mom to buy the product, why the heck not put a super ripped guy in a curious pose?

The images were shot by photographer Douglas Friedman wanted to try to make it interesting. Because seriously, how else do you make salad dressing interesting unless you put lots of bacon on it? But that is appealing to a whole nothing crowd in a totally different type of way.

The model, Davis, was asked to do some very interesting things with salad dressing. The rest of the photos are after the jump.

Via Jezebel

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