Lomography Expands on the Konstruktor with Three New Accessories


Lomography released the Konstruktor camera a while back, which is in fact the company’s first SLR style camera. It was only a matter of time until they released new accessories for it. Today, the company is announcing a new magnifying hood for the viewfinder, a close up lens, and a macro lens. Not much details have been given otherwise.

But despite the lack of details what this means is that beyond the Bel-Air, Lomography is considering making this a fully functional system perhaps with glass lenses on the way.

Product images are after the jump. When we get more details, we’ll share with you.

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First Impressions: Lomography Konstruktor DIY SLR Camera

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Lomography Konstruktor first impressions (3 of 7)ISO 64001-800 sec at f - 3.5

Yesterday, Lomography announced their brand new Konstruktor camera. The Konstruktor was teased in many ways to the Lomo crowd and I’m not sure that many people would have ever expected it to come. The Konstruktor is a DIY SLR camera. There is a full mirror assembly that uses a top-down viewfinder the way that older SLR cameras used to feature before the days of the more contemporary viewfinder that we know today.

The camera is available for purchase in a kit and is meant to be assembled yourself, and that makes it an awesome camera for a child or a tinkerer. Lomography’s USA CEO told me yesterday that they’re encouraging hacks with this camera since the community loves to do that with the Holgas and Dianas.

With a fixed 50mm f10 lens and some interesting construction, we were very curious.

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