Is This What Love Is Like? KONO Monolit 100 Review

I’ve shot a lot of film on behalf of The Phoblographer. And we’ve reviewed a ton of film emulsions over the years. When it comes to black and white film, I don’t think I’ve ever fallen for something this hard. KONO is a brand I’ve believed in for years. They were among the first to really try new things. Double exposed film? Dyed film? Along with Lomography, KONO has been an innovator of sorts. With KONO Monolit 100, we’re astounded at the results. And trust us, you will be too.

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An Easy Cross Processed Look. KONO! Delight Art 100 Review

Earlier this year, KONO! launched the KONO! Delight Art 100 in 120, then later in 35mm. This isn’t a typical film emulsion. We’re told it’s tinted Kodak Ektar 100. Ektar was my least favorite Kodak film, and KONO! added some flavor. There’s a bit of orange and a bit of blue raspberry thrown onto the film. Well, not really! But I could totally see why someone would think that. With KONO! Delight Art 100, I basically threw everything away that I knew about film. Overexposing it will lessen the effects. Underexposing it will amplify the orange and teal tones everyone loves. That means it’s best for many of us to put our cameras in aperture priority and underexposing by a stop of light. That’s precisely what I did using a Mamiya 6.

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KONO Releases 3 Beautiful New Film Emulsions You’ll Want to See

KONO is at it again with three brand new film emulsions and one is unlike anything we’ve seen.

KONO is a brand we’ve known and loved for several years. They create some cool, quirky film we’ve only truly appreciated after we looked around at the entire landscape. Digital photography is capable of so much. It even emulates the look of many films. So to get something unique, film manufacturers have to create a look you can’t get digitally. And that’s what KONO is doing with some of their new films announced today. Later today, you’ll be able to pick up emulsions like KONO Delite Art 100 at Freestyle Photographic or on KONO’s website directly.

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