This Lens from 2004 Still Ranks Highly as a Zoom on DXOMark

konica minolta 28-75mm f2.8

The Konica Minolta 28-75mm f2.8 is a high flyer for vintage lenses at DXOMark.

DXOMark is famous for lab tests they run on camera sensors and lenses, and while the data can help consumers make more informed decisions, some of their rankings can be a little strange. After digging through their database, we found that some rather old (almost vintage) lenses still rank highly on their charts. This, of course, is a testament to the lens (in this case the Konica Minolta 28-75mm f2.8), but it also raises questions about newer glass too, and why there have only been marginal improvements over the last 15 years. Join us after the break as we look at this a little more. Continue reading…

So Uhhhhh, The Minolta Brand is Back and Making Cameras?!

One of the brands of cameras you would absolutely never think would come back from the dead is Minolta. But according to Photo Rumors your lack of belief in zombies is wrong! Elite Brands, the makers of both Rokinon and Samyang, has seemingly struck a sort of licensing agreement to use the name brand. With that said, brand new Minolta cameras are currently on sale at Amazon. For those of you who knew and used Minolta cameras, you probably also remember they had a few digital camera models. But that’s what makes this even weirder.

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Konica Minolta is Rumored to Be Developing Micro Four Thirds Lenses

Konica Minolta 8-17mm Micro Four Thirds Lens PatentKonica Minolta is a brand name that hasn’t been heard of for a while–not in the world of photography, at least. After some more or less successful digital cameras such as the A2 and the X31, the company vanished from the photographic market and retreated to the print market. (Sound familiar?) Well, thanks to the patent spotters over at Egami, we now have signs that the company may actually be coming back to the world of photography.

It seems that technicians over at Konica Minolta are currently developing various lenses for the Micro Four Thirds system, one of them being an 8-17mm f2.8 wide-angle (see picture above). If that should turn out to be true, then the company would head straight back to its olden days of glory. Both Konica and Minolta (when they were still two seperate brands) were known for their cameras and lenses, such as the Konica Hexar AF, the Minolta CLE and their respective series of M-mount lenses. Konica and Minolta products from the 70ies through the 90ies are sought-after items by collectors and enthusiats alike.

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