Erik Dudinský: Black and White Documentary Photos of Student Dorm Life in Bratislava

All images and text by Erik Dudinský. Used with permission.

I am Erik, photographer from Slovakia, I study at university and shoot a lot on film, because I can. I don't do it because I think more when I have film, I do it because this world is too fast and this is my way to slow down and relax.

I shoot on T-max a lot, mainly because of its flexibility. When you don't know if there will be darkness for 1600 ISO or light for 200 ISO, you'll take t-max, and it doesn't matter. Also I love contrast and grain from it. Project Atrium houses is about dormitories for university students in Bratislava, Slovakia. They are known for their level of "comfort". But this document is more about people, students, living there and having fun, parties and stuff that students do.

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