Kip Praslowicz Shoots Dramatizations of Real Life on Film


All images by Kip Praslowicz. Used with permission. This post is a collaboration with the Sub-Reddit R/Analog

“I liked to approach each portrait with the same sense of discovery and unpredictability that I’d feel during a street photography session,” says photographer Kip Praslowicz about his photography series called Everyday Life. “I’d spend some time with the subjects in what ever environment they invited me into to get a feel of how they interact with it and use that as inspiration as to how I’d compose the scene.” Kip, who usually shoots street photography, says that Everyday Life was his first foray into shooting portraits influenced by what he’d look for when shooting street images.

The work was done with a 4×5 camera to start then moved into using an 8×10, which taught him that he’s not a fan of what he calls the “dead pan Sothian ‘stand there’ portraits.” Instead, he tries to make them feel like they were caught candidly.

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