How to Save Tons of Time. Kelvin Pimont Lightroom Brush Presets Review

The Kelvin Pimont Lightroom Brush Presets are only one part of the 5 Day Deal, and they seriously surprised me.

Years ago, I used to create all my own Brush Presets in Lightroom. So I never took all the on-market ones very seriously. But the Kelvin Pimont Lightroom Brush Presets are some of the first that I’m genuinely impressed with. The cool thing is that they make Lightroom even easier to use. Better yet, they’re well-tailored to the hobbyists and the photographers who don’t want to do a ton of editing. These are something Capture One only wishes it had. What’s more, they saved me a lot of time and headaches. Rather than playing with the brush adjustments back and forth for a while until I became bleary-eyed, the preset brushes just worked. I’m incredibly impressed.

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