Tip: An Ice Container Is a Great Way to Shape Light

Sometimes all you need to boost your creativity is to play around with light.

If you’ve been into lighting for many years, then you know what a Gobo is. For the rest of us, a Gobo is basically anything that goes between a light and the subject. A softbox can be a Gobo, but the vernacular refers to it being more homemade and put together. It’s designed to shape light. Sometimes all you need is a bit of light shaping.

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Kando Trip 2.0, Sony and the Mirrorless Arms Race That is Coming

Sony is focusing on their community, because their tech is currently unmatched

Sony has been working on their Mirrorless technologies now for almost a decade; and they are only now truly beginning to reap the rewards of that labor. A shift is beginning to happen in the photography industry, and everyone sees it coming. It is a shift away from the mirror boxes of the past, to the future that is Mirrorless. It is a shift with much greater ramifications to the market than the shift from film to digital back in the 2000’s. Back then the switch was more 1:1, film lenses worked fine on digital bodies, etc. But now, with this general shift to mirrorless technologies, it’s a shift that is much more complicated than it may appear. But I am getting ahead of myself… Continue reading…