Jordan Stead’s Telling Portraits of Seattle PI’s K-9 Units

All images by Jordan Stead. Used with permission.

Photographer Jordan Stead cites that the art of the pitch helped him to do a portrait project on the Seattle PI’s police dogs. It’s an art that many professionals and semi-professionals understand–and one that is backed by a creative vision. Luckily, Jordan loves giving back to the visual community through eduation.

He started out in video; but later on stills went on to pay the bills after becoming obsessed with photography. He’s a photojournalist and has witnessed life, death, Super Bowls & nudist culture through his career. He’s worked with clients such as Microsoft, Amazon, The New York Times, Chevron & CreativeLive.

When you look at it like that, photographing police dogs may seem like a piece of cake.

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