Review: Pentax K-30

We’ve shown initial sample photos from the Pentax K-30 (K30) and we’ve also run the darned thing under a faucet. After about a month of use, constant communication with the company, and even calling in other products, the K30 is perhaps the most impressive entry level DSLR camera that we’ve seen. I’m not just saying that from my point of view, but this also applies to at least half the staff (who reside here in NYC) who have tried it out and also tried out other competing DSLR cameras.

In a nutshell: the Pentax K30 wins our Editor’s Choice, but it comes with its quirks.

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Watch Us Run A Faucet Over The Pentax K-30

Yesterday, we featured some sample images from the Pentax K-30 and today, we’ve once again stepped forward to test the claims of the company. The other night, we ran lots and lots of water over it. In my chat with the company reps, they claimed it would survive me pouring a bottle of water all over it providing that I used a DA* lens due to the weathersealing. When I asked them about throwing it into the ocean, they stated differently.

Then I tried the next closest thing: running water all over it. Take a look at our feeble attempt to destroy the little camera that could. This is just a quick test of the weatherproofing, but the full review is coming. In the meantime, take a look at all the available kits.

Sample Images from the Pentax K-30

Last night, we were treated to something special: we got the chance to play with the Pentax K-30 for a while. The review unit is currently in our hands and we will be testing it out quite a bit and maybe even comparing it again the Rebel T4i, Nikon D3200, and Sony A37 since all of those are currently in our hands.

But in the mean time, here are some image samples with very little editing.

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