Sony vs Nikon vs Pentax: Which is the Most Weather Sealed?

weather sealed cameras

The Pentax K1, the Nikon D850, and the Sony A7r II are all weather sealed cameras; but do you get more for your money?

Weather sealed cameras are a beautiful thing. You can go outside in the elements and you just don’t have to worry (too much) about your camera taking a shower. Many cameras offer weather sealing, but a recent video put the Pentax K1, the Nikon D850, and the Sony A7R III side by side for a comparison on the amount of weather sealing each body really has. Join us after the break to check out the video. Continue reading…

The Updated Pentax K1 Mk II Improves on Image Quality First and Foremost

The new Pentax K1 Mk II is looking to improve where it matters the most.

I really liked the Pentax K1, and so when we found out about the new Pentax K1 Mk II I was very intrigued to see how the company would improve the camera. To date, I genuinely believe it and the Nikon D850 to be the best DSLR cameras in the industry–but the Pentax was starting to show its age. When it arrives next month in April, I’m also not sure many Pentaxians will necessarily want to or need to upgrade to it. Let’s take a look at the new Pentax K1 Mk II, right before WPPI.

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