6 Photographers Get Creative with Reflections for Mind-Blowing Results!

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Can we reflect for a moment? Don’t worry; it won’t be on our childhood issues. You will be pleased to know we’re going to reflect on reflections. Too deep? Allow me to explain. Over the years, we have sent many images to digital print that focus on reflections. It’s a fun way to be creative. And when well-executed, reflections are a sure-fire way to create images that will glue to the people’s eyes. Take a look.

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Women in Photography: Juliette Mansour’s Reflections | Atlanta

Every now and again I’ve been publishing stories from a blog that I personally feel is very important in society right now: it’s called Woman in Photography. Run by Nicole Struppert, this blog looks to showcase some of the best work from women photographers and is looking to expand and feature more photographers overall. This story about Juliette Mansour is being run with permission from Nicole and the images are being republished with the permission of Juliette.

If you believe in equality, I strongly suggest you go over there and check the website out.

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