If the Olympus Pen F Mk II Ever Comes Out, This is What I Want

compact cameras Olympus Pen F

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I really, really do hope that Olympus is considering making another high end Pen F camera. They tend to say that those cameras don’t work for them. But Nikon said the same thing about the Df. Then we got the Nikon ZFc, that’s proving to have a lot of hype. Nikon learned from their mistakes, for the most part. So why can’t Olympus? With that said, I’m still holding out hope for an Olympus Pen F Mk II. I’d love to see one.

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Wishlist: Essential Features of the Canon EOS R Mk II

It’s been a few years since Canon announced the Canon EOS R. We admitted it wasn’t all that revolutionary when it launched. But it surely did some minor things to set it apart from the rest of the pack. And if anything, Canon’s lenses stole the show. It’s been a few years, and they’ve had a few cameras. The Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6 aren’t exactly small. They’re specific cameras designed to be used for work. Many colleagues of mine and I cannot see ourselves always using them for fun or even some jobs. But when I picked up my Canon EOS R recently, I realized how wonderful the size is. And I hope that the Canon EOS R MK II fixes some annoying things.

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