Joel Meyerowitz Teaches You How He Makes Photographs

Looking for the next photography book to inspire and educate you? Keep an eye out for the new “Masters of Photography” series of how-to books that will kick off with Joel Meyerowitz.

Attention, photobook collectors! A new series of ”Masters of Photography” books is set to provide a new approach to instructional volumes. Each volume focuses on the work of a key photographer who shares everything about how they take photos. The series kicks off with Joel Meyerowitz: How I Make Photographs, a great learning opportunity for anyone who has ever wanted to learn from master portrait and street photographer Joel Meyerowitz.

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Review: Masters of Photography: Joel Meyerowitz

Joel Meyerowitz is Yoda.

That’s what I said to myself 20 minutes into his new MasterClass offered by Masters Of Photography. We rarely get to learn from the true legends of photography. And maybe that’s a good thing, because the best photographers aren’t always good teachers. So let’s dig in and see exactly what Joel Meyerowitz offers as an instructor.

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Book Review: Where I Find Myself by Joel Meyerowitz

Where I Find Myself by Joel Meyerowitz is a mixed bag of heartstopping and confusion

Where I Find Myself by Joel Meyerowitz was sent in for review to me a while ago, and I put off writing about it until I had the time to sit down and take the work in. It’s Joel afterall, and his work deserves some serious contemplation and thought. Where I Find Myself is thick, and contains a lot of Meyerowitz’s life’s work. It is designed to be a beautiful coffee table book for everyone who is a fan of the photographer. While it has a whole lot of good, there is also a whole lot of bad–or more importantly, a lot of injustice I feel is done to the great photographer’s work.

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Video: Joel Meyerowitz on Creating Unspoken Connections in His Street Snaps

Screenshot taken from the video

At a time when everyone has the means to dive into street photography, how do you make your photos different from everyone else’s? Joel Meyerowitz, another legendary name in the field, offers an insightful answer. As a New York City snapper, he’s a renowned pioneer of color street photography at a time when it was deemed amateur, and celebrated for his candid photographs that show his sharp observation skills. Meyerowitz’s frames are filled with people captured at the right place and the right time. It’s definitely a nod to the style of the photography legends who inspired him: Henri Cartier-Bresson and his decisive moment, Robert Frank and his famous documentary work on the American society, and Eugene Atget’s definitive work documenting Paris at the cusp of modernization.

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Joel Meyerowitz and Steve McCurry Talk About Their 9/11 Photography Experiences

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Joel Meyerowitz and Steve McCurry Talk About Their 9/11 Photography Experiences - The Phoblographer

On this very tough day of remembrance for many Americans, there are photos and stories of the events being passed around involving heroism and fear. The stories that we hear the most are those of police and fire fighters–but indeed many photojournalists have their own stories.

To start, Magnum photographer Steve McCurry was in New York after returning from China and tried to capture the events as they were folding starting a little before 10AM. He states that he couldn’t hear the crashes into the World Trade Center, but that he could hear the screams of people below on the streets. “There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and suddenly everything went dark” is what Mr. McCurry states.


But in contrast, Mr. Meyerowitz states that he wasn’t there and instead tried to make one of the most historic records of the scenes by using a Leica, a 4×5 and a 6×7 camera that according to him “makes you feel it in your gut.”

Videos of their accounts are after the jump.

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