Styling and Framing Your Food Photos at Home

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Screenshot taken from the video

Photographer Jenny Woodward gave us an awesome tutorial video the other day talking about the basics of lighting food photos at home. But now she has two other videos on styling and framing your images. She recommends using a white plate, adding textures, and overall creating a scene that looks homely and familiar with a touch of color while staying minimal.

When it comes to composition, she talks about the rule of thirds and how they’re meant to be broken at times.

Her other videos are after the jump, and are just long enough to be squeezed into a quick break from work today.

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Better Food Photos With Natural Light

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Photographer Jenny Woodward recently uploaded a fantastic instructional video to Vimeo on how to get better food photos with window light. The even cooler thing is that everything that she uses to create the better images are household items. She starts by placing a table by a window and blocking off excess light to make it more directional. Then it’s all about diffusing, filling in shadows, and placement of the objects. She uses simple things like tin foil, curtains, foam board, etc.

Even cooler–she creates better images with just her phone. No need for a really fancy camera at all especially when you understand lighting this well.

Her video is after the jump.

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