Nicola Dove Captures the Best Stills on Live Movie Sets

“I like to immerse myself in the story,” says long term movie stills photographer Nicola Dove, about her work on the sets of various films she’s worked on. While interviewing her, I realized that this kind of work is more complicated than it looks. In most scenarios, her stills are what make it to the promos and posters of major motion pictures in Hollywood. It’s not just about shadowing the cinematographer and trying to remain virtually invisible while snapping away with a camera, as you’ll read in this interview.

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What Cameras Did the World’s Greatest Spy James Bond Use?

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There have been seven actors to date who’ve played the role of James Bond on the big screen. Discussions at parties over which one played it best can be never-ending. What I do like talking about, though, is the various cameras used by these actors over the decades. Between functional and fashionable, dippy and diabolical, we look at four unique cameras featured in James Bond movies between 1962 and 2021.

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