Marina Koryakin Creates Stylish Street Photography and Talks Ethics

All street photography images by Marina Koryakin. Used with permission.

“I always liked to watch people, and create an imaginative world which I can escape to,” says Marina Koryakin. She adds, “in 2015 I bought my first camera, and I became drawn right away to the world of street photography.” Born in Ukraine and now residing in Israel, Marina has stamped her authority on the street photography scene. In just a short space of time she has grown in popularity, and her work is enjoyed by many. Her street photographs are beautifully balanced, and her exciting subjects bring them to life. Shooting out on the streets is her way of communicating with the world. In her words, “[my motivation comes from] the need to express myself and my artistic vision.”

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Omri Shomer’s Street Photography Uses Spotlight Style Lighting

All images by Omri Shomer. Used with permission.

When you look at the street photographs of Omri Shomer, you start to see work that’s typical of many photographers though in a different way involving the use of specific lighting, color, and urban geometry. Indeed, Omri’s work is pretty fantastic from an artistic standpoint. The 34 year old Israel-based photographer started taking photos at the age of 13. His early influences are rooted in using an 8mm video camera which then branched out into using a 35mm pocket camera.

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The Fun Ends When You Post Pictures of Kids in Your Sniper Rifle’s Crosshairs on Instagram

Instagram Israeli Soldier Palestinian Child Crosshairs

Whoa! Seriously? Apparently, this Israeli soldier has nothing better to do in his spare time than to take pictures of (what appears to be) Palestinian children through the crosshairs of his sniper rifle and then posting them to Instagram. It’s not like the Israeli Defense Forces don’t have a history with social media. But this? This is really beyond inappropriate.


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