The Fun Ends When You Post Pictures of Kids in Your Sniper Rifle’s Crosshairs on Instagram

Instagram Israeli Soldier Palestinian Child Crosshairs

Whoa! Seriously? Apparently, this Israeli soldier has nothing better to do in his spare time than to take pictures of (what appears to be) Palestinian children through the crosshairs of his sniper rifle and then posting them to Instagram. It’s not like the Israeli Defense Forces don’t have a history with social media. But this? This is really beyond inappropriate.


As if the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine wasn’t terrible enough already, we now have visual proof of the disrespect for human life and an individual’s dignitiy that some of the people involved show. And while this scene apparently shows a Palestinian child, and it is confirmed that the Instagrammer who posted this is an Israeli soldier, I am sure that the mutual hatred and disrespect for each others’ lives are equally strong on both sides.

At war, terrible things happen. And the killing of children (intended or not) is commonplace. We have all seen pictures of dead or wounded children in war zones. But in these cases, the atrocities have already been commited. So maybe we should be thankful that this picture was posted–because now the person behind the crosshairs can be made responsible for their actions before killing someone who is innocent and uninvolved in this war.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Forces have issued a statement that the soldier’s actions were  “not in accordance with the spirit of the IDF or its values”, and the Instagrammer who posted the picture has allegedly deleted their account. As to a further actions against the soldier who took this picture, and/or measures to prevent anything like this from happening again, nothing is known so far.

Via Gizmodo

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