Film Ferrania Announces Their New FERRANIA P30 ALPHA, an 80 ISO Black and White Film

It’s yet another exciting day for film photography as Film Ferrania has introduced a brand new black and white panchromatic film rated at ISO 80. It’s called P30 Alpha and they’re claiming that it produces results that made the company famous more than 50 years ago. Indeed, if you’re a lover of high contrast black and white film, then you’re going to be awestruck. According to Emulsive, this could be very difficult to do simply because making a chrome film is tough. Indeed, we’ve known this and Kodak made us very aware. But we’ve also been seeing the rise of Analog come back.

The company’s press release is after the jump. I’m excited to try this in a studio.

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Canon’s EOS Cinema Cameras Can Now Shoot at ISO 80,000; But We’re Not Sure Why You’d Want To


Canon announced a brand new firmware update for their Cinema EOS cameras recently that allows the C100, C300, and C500 to shoot at ISO 80,000. Why? Well, we’re not quite sure why one would want to do that unless they’re shooting in black and white. But besides the ability to shoot at an absurd ISO level, there are loads of other updates that come via firmware updates today.

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The Apple iPhone 4's ISO Range is From 80-1000, F2.4, 1/2000th

The proof is in the pictures. Screenshots taken straight from Lightroom. See the upper right hand corner for the data under the Histogram. These pictures were from my previous Field Test on the camera.

Just a summation:

– The iPhone 4’s max ISO seems to be 1000 and the minimum seems to be 80

– The iPhone 4’s max shutter speed seems to be 1/2000th

– The iPhone seems to shoot at a constant aperture of F2.4

Once again, thanks to Devindra Hardawar for loaning me him iPhone for the test.