Isaac Alvarez Shot These Flower Photos by Overpowering the Sun

Quarantine Projects like Isaac Alvarez’s are a fun way for photographers to still be creative while stuck indoors.

Photographer Isaac Alvarez found himself bored with not much to do during quarantine. So, he decided to find a way to stay creative. Isaac went outside carefully while social distancing to photograph flowers. It’s a smart idea: he’s got flowers around him, he found a way to make them look awesome as they’re great subjects, and he did this safely. And if you’re really into off-camera flash, you’ll really love how he did it. Even more impressive is the fact that he used no post-production for the photos. As he tells us, “…there’s really no editing involved here. I opened it up in Photoshop and saved it as a Jpeg.” And so Isaac did it by overpowering the Sun: a method you don’t hear about too often any more.

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Isaac Alvarez’s Humorous Portraits Merged Dog Heads with Human Bodies

All images by Isaac Alvarez. Used with permission. 

The most interesting portraiture work can include elements of humor, unusual concepts, provocative ideas, and meaningful messages the photographer intends to get across. Isaac Alvarez successfully blended all of these in his series of beautiful portraits featuring different breeds of dogs with their respective owners.

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