The Importance of Weakness in Photography

julius motal weakness in photography

It was at a talk with Anders Petersen that my understanding of photography changed. Petersen is a Swedish photographer known for his intimate black-and-white photographs, and his landmark book Cafe Lehmitz is a must for anyone serious about photography. He was at FotoIstanbul, a month-long photography festival in Istanbul, to talk about some of his work from different cities where he spent time, met people and photographed them at home or elsewhere. The work, at times abstract and concrete, sexual and not so, was affecting in its rawness and its honesty. Petersen has no compunction about asking to photograph someone in intimate settings, and occasionally people ask him to do so. To hear him talk is to listen to a man deeply moved by the people he photographs, and at one point in the session, he said, “We always talk about strong photographers, but we don’t talk about being weak… weak enough to feel the secrets and the magic in life.”

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Five Tips For Beginning Concert Photographers


When you’re starting out as a concert photographer, you should know one thing first and foremost: you’re probably not going to get paid a lot of money or even at all. And you’ll be doing this mostly for the thrill and the experience until you can network your way to the top. Once you’ve accepted this fact, then you’ll be able to move onto the other aspects that are very important to the creation of concert photographs.

And as you’re first starting out, here are a couple of tips that can help you.

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