B&H’s Payboo Credit Card Charges 29.99% Interest in Trade of Sales Tax

The new B&H Payboo Credit Card has a higher purchase APR than Chase bank.

Last night, a number of B&H Photo affiliate partners were sent an email about a new way B&H Photo is trying to change the game for online purchasing. The new system is called Payboo, and once you get past the eye-roll-worthy name, you begin to see some great ideas. The premise behind Payboo is that B&H Photo is trying to go back to the way things were when they didn’t need to charge state sales tax for online sales. Amazon and others need to do this according to the law, and when you think about it ethically it makes sense to pay your state taxes anyway. Since they had to make that change, B&H Photo lost a competitive edge as even New York residents (where the company is based) would ship a product to a friend to Jersey and then have said friend bring the goods to NYC for them.

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