You Need the Patience of a Saint: Jollylook Instant Camera Review

Whether you’ve yet to receive your Jollylook Instant Camera — the first model — or are thinking of getting one, here are some of the things you can expect.

The new Jollylook Auto was recently released and already fully funded on Kickstarter. However, some of the backers of the first campaign yet to receive theirs must be wondering what the original Jollylook Instant Camera has in store for them. Those familiar with it already know it looks fancy but built simply, so this review will have more quick insights into the shooting experience instead of a rundown of features.

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The Holga Printer Will Turn Your Mobile Snapshots Into Instant Pictures

The battery-free Holga Printer has already smashed through its Kickstarter goal!

Three years after launching Holga Digital, Hong Kong-based Holga is back with a new product that marries the ease of mobile photography with the charm of analog photography: The Holga Printer. According to the timeline found on the campaign’s Kickstarter page, Holga came up with the idea and initial prototype design for the Holga Printer back in March 2016. It took almost two years for the first prototype to be produced; finally, in February 2018, the final prototype was completed.

Instead of convincing people to ditch their smartphones – which the average person now turns to by default to take pictures with – for an actual camera, Holga decided to develop a product that could enrich mobile photographers’ experience instead.

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Jollylook Faces Fiasco After Over a Year of Delay and Manufacturing Problems

The Jollylook was a promising project that was funded by over 6,000 backers, but one manufacturing problem after the other right up to recent times has it facing a fiasco.

Does anyone still remember the Jollylook? The quirky but kind of cool foldout camera was geared to be the first cardboard Instax camera, a novelty that garnered way over its funding goal of $15,000 thanks to over 6,000 backers. But, over a year later, the Jollylook team was still facing some manufacturing issues and have only started shipping last month. The ones who have received their cameras are reportedly unhappy with non-functioning units. Some are furious to have found the Jollylook out in retail stores when they aren’t even sure when they’re getting their cameras. What a fiasco this is turning out to be.

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