You’re Only Going to be “Minorly Annoying” as a Street Photographer

Eric Kim tells us why it’s okay to be “aggressive” as a street photographer and get our best shots

Street photography is certainly one of the most engaging genres to get into, but it also comes with some pretty significant caveats. Among them are the ethical considerations when it comes to taking photos of people on the streets, often without consent. The rules differ in every city, state, or country, but the general consensus says there shouldn’t be a problem taking photos in public spaces as long as you’re not photographing the homeless, disabled, sick, and even children. But what if you’re still having doubts about pressing the shutter, in the fear of upsetting a potential subject? Eric Kim says, just go and take that shot; you’re only going to “minorly annoy” someone.

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9 Insights for Better Portrait Photography

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This is a syndicated blog post from Format Magazine. It’s contents are being used with exclusive permission. All images by Aundre Larrow.

A few tips and tricks that could change how you think about portrait photography.

New York-based photographer Aundre Larrow’s portraits are rich, colour-saturated close-ups of a range of personalities, from football players to cute kids to barbershop patrons and rapper Chief Keef. He truly connects to his subjects and creates a unique blend of his style with their personality.

Because we’re always looking for insights from experts, we had more than a few questions for Larrow. He told us about the challenges of portrait photography, the advantages of shooting film, and some tips for getting along with clients.

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