Can Canon Really Threaten Sony in the Camera Sensor Industry?

Some big news out of Canon lately about sensors!

Canon is used to being the top dog in the photography industry. But increasingly Sony has been the company impressing of late, thanks in large part to their sensors. Well, now it looks as if Canon is looking to cash in on some of their sensors; selling them through a distributor called Phase 1. But don’t expect these to be going into any competing cameras any time soon. Continue reading…

Michael Streckbein Captures Cinematic Urban Scenes for NIGHTLAND

All images by Michael Streckbein. Used with Creative Commons Permission

The gloom of cities at night becomes even more ominous when fog comes to envelope the surroundings. Yet for some photographers, the drama of this combination is something too beautiful to pass up. If capturing this scene is something that you have on your street photography bucket list, you’ll certainly find this series by Michael Streckbein nothing short of inspirational.

Cologne-based Michael joins our roster of camera-wielding nightcrawlers who have a penchant for documenting the different faces of cities at night. For his ongoing series aptly titled NIGHTLAND, he prowls his city on foggy nights while the rest sleeps. However, instead of showing the nighttime alter-ego of bustling cities like Hamburg-based Mark Broyer, Michael roams empty railroads, sleepy railway stations, and perhaps even construction sites to create his own vision of a moody urban landscape.

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Zeiss Announces 3 New Interlock Industrial Large Format Lenses

You may have missed this, but Zeiss announced three new Industrial large format lenses this week. The new super wide-angle Interlock 2.8/21, Interlock 2/50, and Interlock 2/100 macro lenses are meant for industrial uses and will come in a Nikon F or M42x1 mount.

“All ZEISS Interlock industrial lenses feature an improved fixture for focus and aperture which is also reflected in the new name: ZEISS Interlock,” says Till W. Bleibaum, Product Manager for Industrial Lenses at ZEISS Camera Lenses. “The additional optimization of the lens coating further reduces ghosting and flare effects in critical light situations.”

The three new lenses are meant to replace their Distagon T* 2.8/21, Makro-Planar T* 2/50 and Makro-Planar T* 2/100. Zeiss specifically notes that these lenses are not intended for general photography, and are likely not going to be easily accessible to your average photographer. That said, these could be used on any Nikon DSLR or most mirrorless cameras with an adapter if you wanted to play with them (though I don’t see any real benefit other than for the heck of it). They also might be attractive to you if you happen to have a large format film camera that you like to shoot every now and then.

The new Interlock series lenses will go on sale July 1st, and will be available through established Zeiss Industrial lens partners. Prices for the Interlock 2.8/21, Interlock 2/50, and Interlock 2/100 lenses was not announced, but one would assume that when they go on sale tomorrow the pricing will be apparent.

The full announcement can be found here, and more information is supposed to be available here (though the page appears to be dead right now, maybe check back tomorrow once the lenses are available)


14 Super Fast Aperture Lenses Worthy of Note

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 product photos (5 of 5)

If all you want is some quality bokeh or so much of it that your subjects are swimming in a blurry haze, some lenses are better for your bokehlicious addiction than others are. Some of these lenses were designed back in the film days to soak up loads and loads of available light–but man were they tough to nail critical focus with.

However, many of these are still tried and true. And if you’re looking to build a collection, here’s the one to satisfy your bokeh fix.

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