First Impressions: Sony a9 (Flagship Camera)

The new Sony a9 is finally here; and it seems to be absolutely fantastic from a technology standpoint in many ways. To start with, it has a new stacked 24MP CMOS sensor and can shoot up to 20fps with a completely silent shutter. This camera is strongly being targeted at the photojournalist type of photographer–quite obviously the pros considering that it’s a $4,000+ camera. It’s being released next month and today we got some time to play with the camera a bit.

4/27/2017: Updated with sample images.

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Thorough Hands On: Samsung NX10

Yesterday at a Samsung event I was able to get hours of quality fondling time with the Samsung NX10. It was a pre-production model and I didn’t have an SD card with me on hand. However, I talked about the camera with many Samsung reps today and got an answer to many questions. Stick around for my findings.

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