Review: Impossible Project Color 2.0 Film (Type 600)

The Impossible Project’s first major batch of color film had very interesting results; and by interesting I mean not very reliable, not saturated, and sometimes random. With Color 3.0 on the horizon, Color 2.0 has had a lot of time to marinate so to speak: and I’ve been busy testing it intermittently along the way.

For those of us that are labelled as millennials (and those who have probably turned 40 for the 20th year in a row), we probably remember the major excitement we had when our parents shot a Polaroid, it came out and we waited for the magic to appear. And quite honestly, that’s was it: magic! Indeed, whatever witch’s brew these covens were concocting had us giddy for a while–until the digital age.

Impossible has tried to keep that part of our culture and past alive; and for that effort they need to be commended. Considering how tough their project indeed is, it’s a miracle that they’ve created something this stable–but still not so simple to use.

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