Review: Sony HVL-F60M Flash


When we first got our hands on the Sony HVL-F60M, we had some mixed feelings but overall felt that it was fairly solid. Then in California we tested many of them out at once and through light modifiers (strobist style). That’s when we started to become a bit more convinced.

During our recent A99 review, Sony sent us one of the flashes to test. Granted, that greatly limits what we were able to do to rest the potential. With that said, despite a couple of easily fixable flaws, the Sony HVL-F60M represents what companies should be thinking about in terms of design and usability for their flash system.

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Sunday Boredom: Ask Us Anything About the Sony A99

Hey readers, we just got the Sony A99, 135mm f1.8, 85mm f1.4 (yes the Zeiss ones) 50mm f1.4 and HVL-F60M all in for review and we’ve been playing with them quite a bit so far. We understand that there is a ton of interest about the camera and the system overall. To help you guys out, we’d love to answer any questions you have about the camera, lenses, flash, and system.

But before you fire away, take a look at our studio tests with the A99, high ISO test sample, our landscape tests, and our first impressions. Plus, be sure to check out exactly which lenses will take full advantage of Sony’s new AF-D mode. If you’re in the market for a Sony DSLR, also be sure to take a look at which lenses we recommend for the system at the budget level.

Leave us a comment down below in the post. I’ve got nothing to do until tonight and will be happy to answer your questions.