Cute Dogs Take Spotlight in Awesome Photos by Craig Turner

“Animals are constantly communicating with us,” says New Zealand-based traveling photographer Craig Turner about his experiences while photographing dogs around the world. He’s made some incredible portraits of many furry four-legged friends. Aside from the technical aspect of getting a good picture, he tells us how to capture the emotions behind the animals and their owners.

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How Chris Van Riel Makes His Amazing Photos of Flying Dogs

“Dogs express themselves with body language, and movement is their voice,” beams Dutch photographer Chris Van Riel about the furry four-legged friends he often photographs. Dubbed the Ninja Dog Photographer in photography circles, he takes pics of canines catching frisbees in mid-air. Chris tells us it’s not just about a fast shutter speed, and he breaks down a few of the tricks he uses to get these stunning frames.

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Dogs Love Posing as Rockstars for Angelika Goltyaeva

“Sometimes I look at an animal and think, how would he look if he were a human?” says Angelika Goltyaeva of the background behind the idea for this series. A fleeting glance at a picture of an unruly Afghan hound on the Internet sparked an idea that led to an extensive photoshoot with some wild looking canines. With the right makeup, creative hairdressing, and some perfectly placed lights, she’s created a one-of-a-kind rock band shoot using dogs as subjects. And it looks like the dogs had the most fun during this shoot.

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Alicja Zmysłowska Creates Breathtakingly Beautiful Photos of Dogs

“Ciri loved exploring Norway with me, running free, and having baths in the fjords,” Alicja Zmysłowska tells me. Ciri, a Border Collie, accompanied the photographer on an epic journey through the Nordic landscape–home of the northern lights and the midnight sun. On one occasion, they spent the day walking, and when all was said and done, they’d covered 28 kilometers to reach the famous Trolltunga rock formation. They spent their nights in a tent, side-by-side, beneath the starry sky. 

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6 Photographers Show us Their Beautiful, Heartwarming Photography

Some photographers aim to challenge societal views. Others like to make bold statements with their images. Not all photography is pretty, and not all of it will make you feel good. There’s an important space for the type of work. But we’re not visiting that space today. Instead, we’re here for the feel-good and the heartwarming photography. The six photographers below will give us everything we need to wear a smile on our faces.

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Christian Vieler Takes the Funniest Photos of Dogs Catching Treats

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“I made the first ‘Treat Shots’ with my dog Lotte,” the photographer Christian Vieler remembers. He’d just ordered his first portable flash, and since she was always available, Lotte served as the perfect test model. During their shoots, he got into the habit of tossing her a treat, and he soon started doing the same with all his canine clients at the end of their sessions. It was fun for the dogs to get a reward, and whether the dog caught the treat or not, the photos always proved delightful. 

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Dog Photography so Cute it Will Melt Your Heart (Enjoy the Cuteness!)

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We love dogs here at The Phoblographer. They’re adorable. So, when a photographer sends us anything relating to canines, it immediately gets our attention. If you’ve ever attempted to photograph “El Perro,” then you’ll understand the difficulties associated with it. Dogs have a mind of their own, and communicate with them can be a struggle. Any photographer who can master the technique of getting a dog to pose deserves a treat of their own. And in this article, we highlight dog photography that shows photographers at the top of their game. Join us for some cuteness after the jump.

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Greg Murray Will Make You Want to Rescue a Pit Bull Mix

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“Harley’s human is a first responder, and as you know, the past year has been challenging, especially for them,” the photographer Greg Murray remembers of a one-year-old dog who graced his studio last year. “Each time I’ve met Harley, I can see how important she is to her human. The connection they have is very evident. They both need each other so much.” Harley is one of seventy young rescue dogs featured in Murray’s new book, Peanut Butter Puppies, the exuberant follow-up to 2017’s Peanut Butter Dogs

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This Quirky Dog Portrait Series Takes Bath Time to a Whole New Level


All photographs taken by and used with permission from Sophie Gamand.

For almost four years now, French photographer Sophie Gamand has been photographing man’s best friend, studying and working closely with them in an effort to understand human nature and behaviors better.

Clearly a dog lover like many of us, she’s done everything from sassy dog fashion photos shoots and dog pageant coverage to taking poignant photographs of the stray dogs of Puerto Rico to document their horrible conditions and raise awareness.

It’s the latest series she’s working on, however, that’s got our (imaginary) tails a-wagging.

Rather than take those usual photos of adorable well-groomed fluffy dogs mid-silly face or human-like act that we see everyday on the Web, she took on a completely different approach in this series entitled Wet Dog. The idea was to take photos of the dogs while they were completely drenched and dripping in bath water.

Of the series, Sophie says that while grooming is an important (and necessary) part of a dog’s life, “Dogs hate bath time. The wide range of expressions they are able to display is another example of how close they are to us. Photographing them at such a vulnerable moment allowed me to capture these expressions.

Dogs are cute, no matter what, and her strategy of photographing them in such a condition was always going to work. It’s the incredible, and at times miserable, expressions on their faces, making them look like grumpy old men or kids that just awakened from their naps, that really makes this series amazing and all the more lovable. So much so that it’s already won first place in the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Portraiture category.

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