New Fujifilm Docuseries Showcases Why Printing Your Photos Is So Important

The Fujifilm new docuseries is a treat for photographers who want to explore the art of printing photos.

Whether you enjoy collecting prints from your favorite photographers or would like to get started with printing your own work, Fujifilm has a new docuseries worth checking out to get you even more inspired. Titled Beyond the Lens, it features two photographers who use Fujicolor Crystal Archive Papers for their printing needs. Each episode not only tells us why printing remains important today, but also tackles the technicalities of the process so photographers get the best prints out of their work.

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The Strobist David Hobby Gives You Tips on How to Get Into Off Camera Flash Photography

At the Fujifilm Festival in NYC, we had the chance to pick the mind of David Hobby: otherwise known as the Strobist. He gave us a number of tips on how to get into flash photography if you’re just getting started. We always preface this with saying that off-camera flash is about thinking creatively with your subjects and your photos. You add an element and tend to do a lot more than just capturing a moment. Instead, it’s about creating something that isn’t there.

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Leaked Photos Show That a Fujifilm X100T May Be On the Way


It looks like the Fujifilm X100s is about to get an update of some sort very soon. Mirrorless Rumors got a hold of evidence allegedly leaked by photographer David Hobby. the EXIF data of some of the images (which were now taken down)  state that they’re from a new camera called the X100T. This sort of makes sense, as it’s the next letter in the alphabet. However, the S in the nomenclature stood for speed–and we’re not sure what T could stand for.

Fuji Rumors is stating that the camera will boast a 24MP APS-C sensor with faster AF, a new fixed lens, a tilting screen, a new EVF, and a wider phase detection area. These are all upgrades that the X100s needed since the lens attached to the camera was more or less the same as the X100–and the larger megapixels need to work with a newer lens for more resolution.

It’s about time for an X100s update anyway since there have been no major firmware updates to the camera in a while. We’re just going to have to wait and see what comes this way.

LumoPro’s New LP-180 Quad Sync Flash is For the Strobist in All of Us


LumoPro has been hinting at a successor to their LP-160 flash that was very short lived. And today, they’ve announced their brand new LP-180. The flash is designed for the strobist in very much the same way that the Yongnuo 560 III is. With that in mind, there is no TTL integrated in. The new flash has a 1/4 20 slot in the side for umbrella handles and a slot for gels, additionally there is a ready beep, slave sensor (though it can sync via PC Port, sound port, and the hot shoe) and a simple interface. It comes with a flash stand, cords, and a pre-cut Rosco Gel set. The flash also has a thermal cutout built in and apparently, “Doesn’t scream like a banshee.”

David Hobby, aka The Strobist, has the first review up. He states that it is rugged and well built. And while recycle time is rate at 4 seconds, his unit is getting 2.5 seconds with the right batteries. Wondering how much power this puppy packs? It seems like the output is around 60 watt seconds max. In fact, he’s buying four of them.

We’re going to try to call in a review unit, so stay tuned! Check out more specs after the jump.

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