In 1987, Darren Lewey Documented a Photo Therapy Class

All images and text by Darren Lewey. Used with permission. 

I’m a photographer based in Morocco running tours and workshops in the region. I’m also behind a new website called Creative Camera which offers innovative online courses for building creativity. I place a high value on photographers who can make sense of more ordinary locations rather than those who can shoot photogenic zones really well. I use a Pentax 645z with a range of lenses as well as a Toyo 45A 4×5 Field Camera with 180mm and 300mm lenses. I process my Pentax files in Capture One and home develop and scan my black and white LF images. I orientate towards and encourage project based work rather than single one-off images. Often locations or scenes can be recorded in more than one way and working to a series allows that. A project can also reinforce a way of seeing that’s unique to the photographer.

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Darren Lewey: Medium Format Landscape Photography and Abstracts in Morocco

All images and text by Darren Lewey. Used with permission.

I’m a photographer based in Morocco running tours and workshops within a day’s drive which includes Andalusia, Spain. I guess I’m strongly tempted to first explore locations that are closer to me than far-flung ones. It’s part of my ethos that there are things around that are photographically interesting and getting to know places a little bit can help. When I’m not teaching then I’m dedicated to personal portfolio development which I’ve been doing for the past year. Before that I had little time to set aside for my own work with developing my business and historically working in UK education and film making. For many years I didn’t pick-up a stills camera. That changed last year when I bought a Pentax 645z. I’ve always been an advocate of medium format but with no processing options in Morocco my 67 was unused. I’d been limited to older crop sensor technology and it didn’t inspire. I use natural light and a range of prime lenses.

I enjoy nature, I’m not a city person. I like the ability to work in quietness. For the included portfolio, Andalusia, I set myself the task of producing images in three zones during the space of two weeks in May 2017. Each of the areas offered very different challenges but I wanted to capture the texture of the region.

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