If You Buy This Canon 50mm f0.95 on eBay, Know That It’s Stolen

Photographer Daniel Zvereff’s lens was stolen and is now being sold on eBay.

A few weeks ago, photographer Daniel Zvereff told me a story about how his Canon 50mm f0.95 lens got stolen while on a trip in Mexico–and today the lens has appeared on eBay for sale. Daniel, who has been featured here on the site many times, has done some fantastic Kodak Aerochrome work, and is currently in our zine, spotted the lens just today and reached out to tell us about it. It was stolen unfortunately when thieves snuck into where he was staying and snatched the lens up.

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Daniel Zvereff: On Black and White Documentary Photography

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All images by Daniel Zvereff. Used with permission.



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You’re a photographer that often shoots in color; and very vivid colors! So what creative choices typically make you shoot in black and white instead?

I’m not quite sure if there is a straightforward decision in my mind when working on a project that steers me towards color or black and white. I think its more of a feeling, something I can’t quite explain.

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Soviet Swing: An Essay by Daniel Zvereff

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All images and text by Daniel Zvereff. Be sure to also follow him on Facebook and Instagrm. This post was originally published here.

Suspended over the impossibly steep slopes and down into the valley of Chiatura, countless steel cables twist across the sky like a web of indiscernible dimension. A gruff man, red faced and smoking a cigarette, ushers me into a steel box hanging from the cables, then closes the door and locks it from outside. Within the cable car there are no chairs, just rudimentary holes cut into the steel plate, their edges rusting beneath a thin veneer of blue spray paint. I poke my head out in time to see the man approaching a box on the wall nearby, he presses something within and rings a bell notifying an operator above that a passenger is ready to ascend. Immediately, the cable car lurches into motion and I am lifted, swinging slowly up into the sky.

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Daniel Zvereff’s Valley of the Moon Looks to Humanize the Middle East


All images by Daniel Zvereff. Used with permission.

Photographer Daniel Zvereff is always doing crazy cool documentary photo projects, but his recent travels to Jordan try to show more of the normalcy of the Middle East. “I think living in America we tend to have an altered view of life in Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries. A lot of news reports and films focus on one aspect of society in these countries that portray a violent vision of daily life.” states Daniel. “While there are absolutely terrible things happening to good people in these volatile regions there is also a lot of normalcy that goes on–People have their daily routines, worry about cell phone reception, and so on.” With Jordan, Daniel wanted to focus on a positive image of a country that while being surrounded by places with a tainted reputation has really managed to stay safe and in control.

Daniel told us that in order to blend in and get along better with the locals, he brought his skateboard. “It’s the ultimate tool to traveling the world and seeing every city/country from an insiders perspective, and just in general meeting a lot of great people.”

Daniel’s “The Valley of the Moon” is after the jump. Be sure to also check out Daniel’s Introspective and Faroe projects.

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Daniel Zvereff: Being a Documentary Landscape Photographer


All images by Daniel Zvereff. Used with permission.

Photographer Daniel Zvereff was featured last year on the Phoblographer for his Introspective project. During that time Mr. Zvereff was on a tour of self-discovery that we’re sure many photographers and artists take. Interestingly, the project used Kodak Aerochrome to turn greens in his images into purples. Since then, Daniel has completed a number of other personal projects: with one of our favorites being his journey to the island of Faroe. Faroe is an island where there are quite literally more sheep than people.

Beginning a documentary project like this takes planning and lots of thought. So we chatted with Dan about what it’s like to be a documentary photographer and the Faroe project.

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