Pinhole Photography With a Camera Made from a Shoebox

All images by Daniel Singer. Used with permission.

“I originally used the shoe box because it was a good size to start with, I had one laying around and it was easy to use.” says photographer Daniel Singer about a pinhole camera he made with a shoe box. “Also it allows for a good size piece of ‘film’ easily fitting an 8×10 piece of photo paper.” Daniel’s idea isn’t necessarily as revolutionary as it is cool; but doing pinhole photography with a large format camera isn’t exactly simple either.

Daniel is an amateur artist who has lived in California and Nigeria but is currently residing around northern DC. He wants to attend formal art school in the future, and first got into photography by taking a bunch of digital art and design classes in school. “I realized any photography I did for projects in those class were just me borrowing a DSLR and putting it in auto mode and pointing at stuff and taking a picture.” says Daniel. “I decided I wanted to learn how to use a camera and signed up for the introductory photography class at my school.” Lucky for him, his teacher believes in learning analog photography.

“…so we spent the first three quarters of the class in the darkroom and with film cameras. I quickly came to love it and began to shoot in my spare time.”

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